Startup Feature: SpikeBee

SpikeBee is a participating startup in Batch #1 of The Accelerator, creating a one-stop-shop platform for activities, classes and camps.

An interview with Jo-Anne Reynolds, Founder and CEO at SpikeBee

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Entrepreneurs are fuelled by the need to solve problems that they have experienced or witnessed in their communities. SpikeBee's Founder and CEO, Jo-Anne Reynolds, is confronting an issue that she has experienced first-hand by creating a marketplace for businesses and community members to promote and register for activities, camps and classes.

What problem are you trying to solve?

It is difficult for people to search and register for activities online. There are so many different ways to participate in your community, but finding something that suit your interests and your budget is time-consuming.

I experienced this problem myself when I was trying to find camps and classes for my daughter when I immigrated to Canada. It was a very frustrating experience.
— Jo-Anne Reynolds, Founder and CEO at SpikeBee

Businesses are also affected by this issue because it is both difficult and expensive to list and promote their activities, camps and classes online. Without an accessible platform, it is hard to reach new customers and gain greater awareness.

Jo-Anne Reynolds, Founder and CEO at SpikeBee

Jo-Anne Reynolds, Founder and CEO at SpikeBee

Please explain how you solve those problems?

SpikeBee curates activities, camps and classes into one easy to navigate platform. People can search by specific demographics such as age, location, cost, interest and date range. By allowing users to narrow their search, SpikeBee saves time and introduces people to new experiences that they would have otherwise not known about.

Businesses list their offerings to local users who search, register and pay online, which reduces marketing, administrative and payment challenges. From large charitable organizations to small not-for-profits, several types of businesses can utilize the platform by promoting their activities for free, year-round on SpikeBee!

How has your experience been at The Accelerator?

Our experience thus far has been amazing. We love receiving support from the local community through professionals, mentors, dinners and in-house programs. 

Getting paired with two mentors has been highly beneficial to us. The one-on-one time we get with them each week helps us ensure we are on the right track while building a solid foundation for our company. Their skills and knowledge in the startup industry are exceptional and we are grateful for their time and commitment to the program.
— Jo-Anne Reynolds, Founder and CEO at SpikeBee

What is next for SpikeBee?

We are super excited to announce the roll out of our new platform SpikeBee 2.0, which will showcase enhanced features, a built-in registration platform and much more! We love receiving feedback from our users and we are launching 2.0 based on what they have asked for.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for SpikeBee in a city near you.

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