Startup Feature: Harbour Meals

Harbour Meals is a participating startup in Batch #2 of The Accelerator, creating custom meal plans delivered right to your door.

An interview with Jared Salekin, Founder of Harbour Meals

Harbour Meals is helping busy people continue to eat healthy with meal plans that suit their lifestyle and dietary needs by creating custom plans based on calories and macronutrients, and delivering them right to your door.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Harbour Meals.

Nutrition and health have always been a big part of my life. I have always been very athletic and played football competitively for 8 years. I recently joined a CrossFit gym and everyone I meet wants to eat healthy, but will settle for unhealthy choices because they don’t have time. I wanted to create a convenient solution that takes the stress out of meal planning.

What problem does your company solve?  

We know we aren’t the only meal planning company out there, but we are the only one we have found that customizes meal plans based on caloric requirements. I have never been able to order from a regular meal planning service because the standard meals aren’t big enough for me. I’m sure there are people on the opposite end who find that they are paying for more than they can eat.

How do you solve that problem?

By customizing based on calories, we allow people to only pay for what they can eat. We deliver our meal plans right to our customers’ doors and focus on making everything as convenient and seamless as possible.

We currently work out of a shared kitchen and will be approaching restaurants soon to see if we can rent their space outside of business hours. The most expensive part of running a restaurant is idle time, so we would be creating another source of income for them while keeping our costs down.

How has your experience been at The Accelerator?

The best part about meeting other entrepreneurs is the energy that they bring. Everyone is extremely driven and brings a ton of energy. Our mentors Sean Collins and Carey Houston have been great. We love being around people who have been there, done that and they have helped us make amazing connections.

Tell us about some of your major accomplishments in 2017.

We beta launched November of last year, and officially launched in January. Since then we have done over $40,000 in revenue and we just launched in two gyms. We are growing like crazy!

We are a team of 7, combined with our sister company Harbour Juicery. On the meal preparation side, we work with three cooks and one juicer. Up until about a month ago I was handling almost everything on the business side from operations to marketing. Now we have hired two part-time people to help and I have been focused on training this past month!

What’s next for your company?

We are in the process of setting up to raise a seed round so we can focus on growing our business in Calgary and expanding across North America. Stay tuned!

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