My Mobile Menu Interview


My Mobile Menu is a unique digital dining profile.

  1. Tell us about yourself

    A couple years ago, I was sitting in a pub with one of my former business partners and after connecting to the wifi, I said, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could press a button to get a beer?” After this, I did some research and found out that this idea wasn’t new; It had almost been around for 10 years, which made it very easy to find the value proposition of the idea. I did some further research and it really evolved. I talked with a lot of industry managers to find out what they would like to see in the app and came up with some pretty cool concepts. Not just with ordering and payment, but orchestrating the entire order from placement to table delivery. My Mobile Menu integrates with the restaurant's POS system and no human intervention is required. It features a menu that follows you everywhere and allows you to order directly on the app using an IOT system that can find your table.

  2. How many people does your team consists of?

    I have a small, very solid technical team with tons of experience with the technologies we are using. I have a senior back-end guy, he’s in Ireland. Along with a front-end Co-Founder that takes care of Canadian Tire, Mark’s and Sport Chek. My DevOps is also from CTC.

  3. When did you start?

    We started in 2017 and had a bunch of setbacks, but just kept going. If everyone stopped on their first couple of failed attempts, then we wouldn’t have a lot of the great inventions that we have today.

  4. What you did prior to this venture

    I did IT service management. I have been in IT for 25 years with a strong technical background. But these days, I’m a Service Management Consultant for an IT Managed Service Provider in BC. So that made it easier to understand what technologies I wanted to put in place or what technologies would help me achieve this goal.

  5. What problem does your business solve?

    Being a B2B solution, it tailors to two propositions: my clients and my client’s customers. For my customers, the biggest pain in the restaurant industry right now is labour costs. Especially the last three years with increasing minimum wage in Ontario and Alberta. Staff are expected to serve more people and do more in general. I worked out the numbers and for every 2 million in revenue a restaurant does, my goal is to save them an FTE (full time equivalent). For restaurant goers, they measure service excellence on speed, convenience and, most importantly, personalized / customizable options. I bring all of that to the table. My Mobile Menu is unique in that you have a digital dining roaming profile that follows you regardless of the location you visit.

  6. How do you solve this problem?

    By empowering the users to manage their own ordering and payment.

  7. When did you notice a gap in the market?

    After I had this idea, I found through online research that less than 8% of restaurants have table side self-service in Canada; 19% in the US. Technology has to enhance the process, instead of simply just replacing the process. We are seeing technology being used more and more in restaurants: Windsor Rose, Canadian Brewhouse, and Beer Revolution just to name a few.

  8. What is your company culture?

    One of the guys on the team told me that there are three questions he asks when hiring people:

    1) Are they competent?

    2) Do I like them?

    3) Can I have a beer with them?

    4) Are they willing to step up to the plate on a Friday night when they are needed?

    If he can have a beer with them they will most likely get hired. It’s about attitude and coach-ability.

  9. What draws people to you?

    My high energy and genuine willingness to go out of my way to help people. I measure my success on the value I bring to other people’s lives.

  10. Three words to describe the company with?

    Transparency, win-win, determined / hungry.

  11. Why did you choose The Accelerator?

    I fell into it. A good friend of mine was a part of the last batch and his wife had a talk with Thomas about my app.

  12. What has your experience with the The Accelerator been like?

    BaseCamp was amazing with Randy, as it was very easy to relate to him. It was the first time I realized that I could be myself. There are some really good people in this batch. I really enjoy coming on Mondays and connecting with everyone!

  13. What has been your biggest lesson you learned while in the program?

    Mostly how to be myself!

  14. What has been a major accomplishment for you this year?

    Getting back on track with development and being able to get the front end going. We really have solidified our development and it is not as fragmented as it used to be. I have found some guys that are really high quality, very experienced, and are doing things based on a handshake. They believe in me and in My Mobile Menu.

  15. What is next for you?

    I love technology and I love building stuff. I love cool things that make life easier! We have a plan on not just doing My Mobile Menu, but getting involved in other ventures as well.