Demo Day Recap

Demo Day Board.JPG

Demo Day 3 saw over 200 Calgarians pack in Theatre Junction Grand to see 10 startups pitch, live. But before they presented their startups to the public, they faced a gruelling day of back-to-back pitches to venture capitalists and angel investors at the Dentons offices.

After 5 months of preparation, they pitched 5 times that morning to a total of 20 panelists, each an expert in their own field. Intense question periods helped our startups get practice in front of real investors. Many investors came from established oil and gas backgrounds, eager to get exposed to the startup world, an emerging asset class. Calgary’s economy is changing and diversifying rapidly, as evident by the growing number of startup applications the Accelerator and numerous other incubators in the city receive. Meet our startups below and learn all about what they are building.




MUBike, (Co-founders Allen Zheng and Dennis Huang), is a bike-sharing program run by advertising that supplies free bicycles to Calgarians. Just load the app, view an ad, and the bike is yours for a period of time, much like car2go, minus the payments. After securing a custom bicycle manufacturer, they are working on making partnerships with the City of Calgary to make more sustainable transportation a reality.


Michael Burak, Founder and CEO of Languages in Motion (LiM), has been in business for over 7 years. He uses artificial intelligence to translate standard legal documents like driver’s licenses from other languages in record time. Already deployed in over 52 registries across Alberta, LiM is growing rapidly. This technology makes immigrating to Canada much simpler, and cost-efficient.



Donna Tilden, CFA and CPA founded Rateseer, a new fintech startup that helps consumers find the most competitive banking, mortgage, credit card, and loan rates. Her informative databases help make financial decisions easier for everyday Canadians. In a sea of constant information, Rateseer helps sort through all the noise to find the best rates for you.


Getting your furniture delivered is rarely painless. Hadi Ahmadi, Founder and CEO of RentForMove, is changing that. RentForMove is a sharing economy platform that doesn’t make you wait for the furniture company to move your new purchases. Just search their list of movers for the one that suits your needs, book a time, and wait for your delivery to come.



Wuilder Torres and Kenzie Dutka (pictured), along with CEO Naomi Pereira are here to make small repairs a breeze. Everyone has those small household repairs that they say they’re going to do… but never actually get to. That’s where JobJar comes in. Everything from drywall to plumbing, JobJar is the one-stop shop for all your household repairs. They are also helping Calgary’s economy by giving tradespeople who are out of work an easy way to pick up jobs. Fixing houses and helping local workers, what could be better?


Audience Choice award winner Steven Phan of Reputation Shielder set out to solve a problem for his father, but ended up creating a booming business. Poor online ratings was hurting his father’s repair business, but with Steven’s technology, he went from a 2.1 rating to a 3.9 in just months. Reputation Shielder uses text nudges to entice customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews get posted to online review sites, and negative reviews are funneled behind the scenes to the businesses for learning and development.


Head nurses spend hours of time finding people to fill in for sick workers, navigating complexe seniority, union, and skills rules to find the best fit. Treff allows healthcare workers to play to their strengths, taking care of patients, while it does the scheduling for them. It’s as simple as texting Treffs chatbot, “Jenny is sick”, and Treff takes care of the rest. It navigates complexe shift scheduling rules, saving head nurses and other healthcare administrators hours of time, and those workers more time to care for your loved ones.