Startup Feature: Reputation Shielder

Reputation Shielder

Did you know that only 6% of happy customers post reviews? Reputation Shielder works to get more of those reviews posted, and improve your business's online ratings.


Reputation Shielder works by prompting customers right after the service and funnelling positive reviews to be posted to multiple sites. Negative reviews are funnelled to a portal where business owners can learn from them and address them. It's a more productive way of improving your business, giving a chance for owners to learn from mistakes before they impact your online presence.


According to BrightLocal, 71% of consumers will leave a review, but only if you ask them to. This is where Reputation Shielder’s text messaging system comes in. It nudges people to leave reviews, increasing the number of reviews you get, and creating a funnel for positive reviews directly to popular review sites like Google, Yelp, and HomeStars. Negative reviews can still be posted if created directly on a review site, outside of Reputation Shielder’s prompts, but all the ones that go through the prompt are funnelled behind the scenes for learning and development. The result? A solution for Steven’s Dad’s problems, and many other small businesses across North America.


“Reviews and ratings for my Dad’s technical services company were pretty bad. Last year, in February, he was at 2.2 stars on Google. I don’t know about you, but would you use a company that has 2.2 stars? No. Neither would I. He was losing business, a lot of business. We had a beta version of our platform tested on his company, and 4 months later he went from 2.2 stars to 3.9.  The problem is, unhappy people leave reviews a lot more than happy people, so reviews can be very skewed. Especially if you are a small business with a small sample size of reviews to pull from. This is without incentivizing them, just them getting a nudge and saying, “Oh, I had a really great service and I’m going to go leave a review.”


Reputation Shielder prides themselves on the data they collect and are able to analyze, and that gives them a unique advantage. “We can really prove to our clients that these reviews matter, and by using our platform, it actually works for you. We have a few case studies right now that have proven successful, and now we’re scaling it up from there.”, says Steven.


Steven plans to have sales teams in every major North American city within the next five years, along with more funding and a solid rebranding. But for now? “The success for us is that our platform is constantly being improved and developed. Every month we’re gaining new clients.”


That sounds like a pretty good start for Reputation Shielder.