Startup Feature: MicroMech

MicroMech sends expert auto mechanics to your home or office - saving you time, money, and stress.

INTERVIEW with Co-Founders Jeff Ehmann and Richard Roseboom.

1. Tell us about yourselves.

We’re both passionate entrepreneurs and have run other companies in the past. We met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately based on our shared viewpoint of using business as a tool to have a positive impact and influence on the world. From there, we started collaborating frequently and together built MicroMech to what it is today.


Jeff Ehmann is a Prairie boy from Saskatchewan and a Civil Engineer (U of S), and founded two successful companies by the time he was 19. He moved to Calgary in 2014 to work as a Structural Engineer and came up with the early concept for MicroMech while working his 9-5 job.

Richard Roseboom is a Calgary native who took a unique approach to education - by founding his own successful marketing/cloud software firm. Through this, he gained experience working across many industries and was on board for leaving the creative side for something more scalable when MicroMech came along.

2. What problem have you solved?

We founded MicroMech to solve current problems in the auto service industry – namely the low trust in the industry, the inconvenience of servicing your vehicle, and the high costs related to services. We’re also tackling ethical issues by improving the work environments for our mechanics; this is in response to the mistreatment of mechanics in shops due to high pressure and shop politics. Long-term developments include a significant opportunity to solve industry problems related to vehicle data collection and the remote diagnostics of vehicle issues. We’re excited to roll out our next product (hush-hush) to help solve these issues in 2019.

3. How do you solve that problem?

We created MicroMech to employ technology-enabled services to send expert, licensed auto mechanics directly to you to service your car from your home or office. Mobile mechanics help our customers save time and eradicate the headache of getting their vehicles to and from a shop.

We’re also able to build more trusting relationships with our customers by providing a detailed, fixed-price quote - before they book. We take the approach of educating our customers rather than simply trying to upsell them. We also provide competitive rates on our services and work with some of the highest trained mechanics based on our business model and mobile service locations.

4. When did you notice this gap in the market?

In 2014, shortly after moving to Calgary, Jeff had to receive an out of province inspection on his Corolla. This required three trips to a local shop with the inconvenience of juggling his schedule and a family member’s to get rides back and forth. The hassle of this auto service experience impacted multiple people; Jeff knew there had to be a better alternative for auto service and began working to find that solution.

5. What is your company culture?

We have a fun, team-focused and results-driven culture that empowers individuals with the freedom to step up, take ownership, and get the job done right. Our team is pretty much our family.

6. What has your experience been like with The Accelerator program?

We’ve really enjoyed being a part of The Accelerator. The program has helped us to make some significant connections with investors and mentors, which has been valuable for our business. It’s also incredible to get to interact with other local entrepreneurs to support them and be part of their journey.

7. What was the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your experience with The Accelerator?

Through the Accelerator, we’ve continued to see how much can be learnt from collaborating with other founders and startups, even if they have nothing to do with our industry. Collaboration has always been valuable for us.

8. What has been a major accomplishment for you in 2018?

In 2018, we’re nearing our first $1,000,000 in revenue generation. That's been a pretty nice accomplishment for us as it validates what we are doing. We’ve also been able to take the top spot as the highest rated on-demand mechanic service in Canada; further validating that customers love what MicroMech is doing.

9. What is next for you?

We plan on continuing to really refine our marketing and operational systems to be able to handle rapid growth and are looking forward to a big year ahead. We’re also excited to release our next product - MicroMech Connect - a connected car device, to further advance our service in 2019.

Want to learn more? Visit us at and get our social media links or call us at 1-844-285-0055.

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