Startup Feature: FlexHub

FlexHub is a participating startup in Batch #1 of The Accelerator, connecting job seekers to flexible careers with employers seeking loyal talent.

An interview with Heather Chapple, Founder at FlexHub.

At The Accelerator, we get pumped about businesses that craft creative solutions for multiple users. That’s why we love FlexHub - a marketplace for flexible jobs, connecting visionary companies with top talent.

What problem are you trying to solve?

The world of work is changing, and work-life balance is becoming increasingly valuable to employees. Employees are able to work wherever, whenever and are asking for more flexibility from their employers as a result. The need for work-life balance became extremely clear to me as a new mother, trying to navigate returning to work with childcare responsibilities.

As an employer, the primary struggle is finding loyal talent with a long-term investment in the business. Time and time again flexibility is something that employees are mentioning as the key contributor to their loyalty to a company.

Please explain how you solve that problem.

My job is to ensure that we work with forward-thinking employers with job flexibility is built-in to their positions. This can range from remote jobs, to part-time, to flexible hours. These companies need to be focused on hiring for results, not time bound at a desk. With flexibility already built-in, our users don’t have to have that tough conversation when applying for jobs.

In exchange, the employer gets the security of knowing they are getting an experienced candidate that just requires job flexibility to deliver quality. My job is to vet the candidates to ensure they have the level of work experience and education that our employers are looking for. This allows companies to tap into a talent pool that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

How has your experience been at The Accelerator?

As an early-stage company (I’m actually just getting ready to launch), having the support of The Accelerator's network through founder dinners, mentorship and the resources at The Collective 12|12 has been crucial. 

I came into this with a small network and I’ll be leaving it with way more connections than I had. The program has been a valuable space to test this idea and talk to people about the entrepreneurship journey, which is exciting, scary and awesome.
— Heather Chapple, Founder at FlexHub.

My mentors Hannah Cree, Manager of Social Entrepreneurship at ATB Financial, and Kari Gordon, Executive Director at Startup Calgary, have both been phenomenal. As a solo entrepreneur, I don’t think I could have prepared to launch without them.

What is next for FlexHub?

Part of the process of launching will include the recruitment of companies that are interested in posting flexible positions. We have had a few companies express interest already, which is great. The service is free, so if any employers are interested in participating, they should definitely get in touch.  


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